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Thread: Heavy flooding at start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldHack View Post
    Off to the Dyno and my tuner. Last pull on this was with the SCT chip on my A9P ECM and we had to quit at 664 HP/632 TQ (wastegate stuck open), but he told me to get this setup and bring it back. Thanks for the info!
    That's some serious power out of a 5.0L, with more to come? Gary
    Regards, Gary

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaz64 View Post
    That's some serious power out of a 5.0L, with more to come? Gary
    Hellion built my turbo setup. I talked to them directly, told them what I was doing and they gave me everything to match it. It's a single unit setup, but this car is stopping at whatever the numbers are in these next pulls. The car only has 44K miles on it and the new engine has about 3500 miles on it.

    The original 2-bolt engine I built made 554/522, that was just too close to ending its life though. I called FRPP and had them build me a Boss Block 347 with the newer heads, the thing was just under 460 without a turbo. It is all Edelbrock up top. We did make the 664 and could have gone further, it was basically by accident because we had creep up to 22 lbs. The engine can take it now, and yes, we will get a little more out of the Holley setup per the tuner. Tacoma Wa, Turbo Tech. Matt has done all my tunes. Also need to swap the injectors. The best part about this newer engine is the temps. The thing stays cool, even after a long pull. The 2-bolt engine would show heat on the temp gauge in seconds and take a while to get back down. Here's why/how:
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    Dyno from the 2-bolt engine. It had plenty of power, it just didn't like it. Maxed at 16 psi, any more would have been 600 crank and that block might have split, as it is the engine sits in silence, waiting for another host.
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    I just had to mess with it. Everything was going so well with the exception of a small pop at around 4600 that interferes with the pull. I couldn't just leave it and go to the tuner and get some new dyno numbers. Nope, I screwed with the fuel and now it misfires/backfires earlier in the throttle and under little boost.

    DOH! It wasn't right, I had to try. I just hope it Learns as rapidly as it did the previous time. This time I will save the GCF after the Learn Table is created and integrated. If I knew what I actually changed, I'd be able to back it out, but the Learn Table got all messed up and something went awry. The table read -77 in a bunch of fields after reading anywhere between 5 & 25 in most of the others before I screwed with it. Target AFR was still the same. I literally made the change with my Surface Pro and it responded immediately. Eh, I ordered a 2 bar sensor to replace the 1 bar that shipped with my kit, I will need to make that change anyways. If it works don't fix it. Especially in a turbo 5.0L.

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    You are running a 1 bar MAP now?
    '95 Lightning, HP EFI, 351W, S472SX-E, 20 PSI,N2O,pump & W/M

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    Quote Originally Posted by bWright View Post
    You are running a 1 bar MAP now?
    I am. Danny did provide instructions on swapping out the ICF associated with the 2 bar and that worked perfectly. Should note that I haven't buried the throttle yet or even pushed it past 5 psi. I've revved it without a hitch and then the car is back to running so well. I did order a 2 bar so that I could be proper with the turbo, but I've aready saved my current GCF just in case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaz64 View Post
    That's some serious power out of a 5.0L, with more to come? Gary
    Just fell short of 700 HP. 692 HP/670 TQ. I need to up the injectors, but more importantly, I need to take care of the Turbo Creep. It's like the controller isn't even there. Oh and it is not a 5.0L, it's a 347 so it's kind of a 5.0L, but not really.

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