How much lift can an Earl's 1200890 pump reliably handle? I'm looking for about 10" above the bottom and 2" above the top of the tank.

I have a marine HP EFI, twin turbo LSx. The boat has a belly tank, so is the lowest point in the hull and the tank is about 8" tall. Therefore the fuel pump and filters are above the tank. The system has a primary water separating fuel filter prior to the Earl's fuel pump then a Earl's 10 micron filter after the pump.

My original setup had the water separating filter about 18" above the bottom of the tank and the pump about 10" (basically just above the tank). There was a trap with the filter at the highest point. After the initial priming everything was running "OK", but on some accelerations & decelerations the engine would miss, which I believe was fuel. I also noticed that the pump would cavitate momentarily at each key on.

I tried to raise the Earls pump and filter above the water separating filter to eliminate the trap, but now the system will not prime. Practically the lowest I can put the pump is in it's original position about 2" above the top of the tank. I can relocate the water separating filter so it is about the same height. If the only solution is a surge tank, will a Holley Blue electric pump work as a lift pump, or can you recommend another lift pump to supply the surge tank?