Hi. I've just now installed an IQ3 and noticed that AFR level is only showing .010 when running. Dash shows 12.8 with power on after sensor warms up, but once engine started it instantly goes straight back to .010. If I disconnect the sensor it shows .02 as itís supposed to. Have tried two sensors with same result, although one did flicker from 6 back to 12.8 a couple of times, but only on one occasion. Am on alcohol inside shed so itís very rich and wet out of both sides until engine heats up. Have done multiple recalibrations with both controller and through data link program. I went back through some old passes and itís the same, itís just that before I fitted the dash we never noticed it. When I ran it several times today, it only worked correctly one time, all other times it showed .010. Is the sensor getting wet at start up and not clearing? I donít run a cooling system so I can run it forever to find out. Iíve gone thru the settings and I canít see anything. Have I got a setting in the AFR setup wrong? Is this normal? Thanks, Chris.