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Thread: Big & Ugly 8-71 440, 10 injectors. Starts, but won't run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny Cabral View Post
    What? The RPM goes to maximum? (Rev Limiter Verification Feature Disabled)
    I have the old style. It had the “pill”. But I took out the pill and have the manual dial that allows you to change the limit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Danny Cabral View Post
    You'll need someone to help tune this with you. It seems there may be more than one problem.
    Ha ha ha, bummmmer!

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    OK well, I'm making progress. Doing research, the big & ugly is too big for a 440. Well the four 3/8" butterfly one is. So what you do is plug the outboard ports. Because if you don't, 1% of throttle opening is more air then full throttle on a single throttle body. So by me cracking the butterflies open for just idle, was wayyyyyyyy too much.

    I plugged the outboard and used silicone around the plugs to make sure they are air tight so now it will only get air from the center butterfly. Now I can start the car and on every attempt it will run and idle for ~15 seconds before it dies. I can also connect the TPS to the butterflies and the engine revs! Still dies, but revs! I was about to pull my hair out I was so frustrated trying to get it to run. But now I'm making progress.

    Current problem is to force the computer to learn for itself. But the WBO2 sensor is not picking up anything. Damn thing just says. Init... Heating... Slow... With the red LED. Never registering anything. I can't do the brake cleaner thing because no AFR comes up like it's supposed to. I got 11.9-12V from what the computer says, I know that's been a problem. But I'll figure it out eventually.

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    Well after 400 checks and help from FastMan EFI, the WBO2 sensor still does not work. Sending computer with the WBO2 sensor back to Holley.

    Woody from tech service said that he has never seen something like that before. So I hope it’s the computer that’s messing up. Because I can’t find a thing wrong with the wiring, battery voltage, or EFI software version/build number.

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