I'm running a Holley Sniper on an AMC 360 that I'm using predominately for drag racing. I have been datalogging my runs, but really need some guidance on how to use this data to improve the car's performance.

The system has been on there for about 30 runs since a recent engine rebuild and some other changes. Other than entering the initial parameters, I've pretty much let it do it's own thing and it seems to be working well, but I don't know if the datalogs are typical for my type of application of if there are areas I can work on.

This is a fairly typical log of one of the runs:

I notice that once it flashes to 4,000 RPM, that it takes a little while to build RPM from there, 60' times are around 1.8 sec, with 12.3 second 1/4 miles at around 110 MPH. It does seem to go a little rich when the throttle hits the floor.

I did take a little off the Acceleration Enrichment and that appears to have removed the rich spike, but not really made any difference off the line:

I also thought I would try a run with the Closed Loop/Learning disabled, but this appeared to make the AFR a little more inconsistent across the run:

Timing is still via a traditional mechanical advance distributor, vacuum advance is not hooked up, running 34° total advance that's all in by 4000 RPM. Any thoughts from here?