Morning. I'm using a Holley blue 12-802-1 fuel pump and the upper portion of the pump gets quite warm after the car has run. It’s warm enough that it not possible to leave your hand there for any length of time. Is this normal? If not, is there a remedy? I've mounted and wired the pump as per figure 5 in the instruction sheet. I'm using 12-gauge wire via a relay and oil pressure safety switch. The pump is set lower than the fuel tank outlet and the pump receives 14.54 volts at idle and draws approximately 3.7 amps. The alternator is the original style with external regulator and at idle the outlet is 14.75 volts. In addition I have an inline 100 micron fuel filter with a 30 micron filter just before the pressure regulator. Should I be using 10-gauge wire as I have read in other forums threads here? Thank you in advance for your time.