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Thread: Having trouble starting after running for long period.

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    Default Having trouble starting after running for long period.

    Help Please. I have a 351 Cleveland with MSD atomic and a Weiand 177 supercharger.
    I had the MSD atomic fitted to the engine prior to fitting Supercharger and it ran a treat.
    Now with the supercharger fitted I have starting issues after engines is hot and after running? Once the engine is running everything is fantastic, but every time I stop the engine I panic thinking I'm going to have issues.
    I have changed the starter motor on the engine thinking it was failing because initial winding over is quit normal, but after about 10 revolutions its starts to Bog down like the engine is really laboring.
    I have changed the IAC valve thinking that it was stuck and not getting correct reading. but no change.
    Went for a run over the W/End and ran really well whilst it started cold first time but stopped for fuel after 2 hrs and had the same issue?

    Any help/ideas would be much appreciated.
    Remembering when cold it fires up after 3 revolutions no trouble at all and runs fine.
    All readings on MSD appear normal.
    MSD Controls Timing.

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    What are the current Initial and Advanced Setup settings?
    MSD Tech Support

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    How does it eventually start?
    Do you need a bit of throttle?
    Does it blow any black smoke when it does fire up?
    Regards, Gary

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    I will have a look at them tonight after work and post tomorrow

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    when the engine starts to bogged down ,I turn the engine ignition to the off and then back on and it fires up most times ????? second time I try I give it a bit on the throttle and its fires up.
    no black smoke at all ????
    seems a bit of a strange one as everything was working fine prior to fitting the Supercharger and it only happens after a long drive

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    hello MSDtechsupport3
    sorry for the late response as I have been sick.
    engine is a 302 with 351 heads ( Cleveland )
    roller cam and roller lifters

    igniting timing controlled by MSD
    idle advance = 13.5
    total timing = 34.0
    vacuum advance =10
    air fuel targets
    idle = 13.8
    cruise =13.8
    WOT= 12.8
    boost 11.9
    pump squirt 25%
    power valve 19%
    cam shaft = Mild
    fuel pump = PWM no regulator
    air pump equipped = no
    idle RPM target = 975
    the supercharger is set at 3LBS boost max for street application

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    I understand that everything was fine before the install of the supercharger and that the only problem is at start-up.
    Lets just check the basics first. Verify that the Heavy Red and Heavy Black of the MSD Ignition box are both connected to the battery. Do not rely on the body, frame, intake or any other part of the vehicle for this ground.
    Which MSD box and coil are you using?
    What does the battery voltage drop to while cranking the motor?
    MSD Tech Support

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    Hello msdtechsupport3
    MSD blaster coil
    MSD 6AL ignition box
    I have re wired the MSD box previously thinking that the wires were receiving interference but same issue
    I have also replaced the coil with a new one ( 3 months old)
    something I have identified but not fully tested is that the issue has not appeared since I disconnected the exciter wire on the alternator??? ( but as stated I have not take car for a decent drive yet )
    this I think tells me that I might still be getting interference from some where ??? what are your thoughts
    thanks in advance .....

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    It's odd that the system is only affected by interference from the alternator at start up.
    I suggest having the alternator tested at a local shop to see if there is anything wrong with it.
    MSD Tech Support

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    will do.
    I will get electrician to checkout but it is the same one I had on previously but least we can eliminate that as well.
    will need to get this done over the Weekend so will post after that.

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