Hello, I have called multiple times to Holley tech support trying to ask how long the connection cable is on the 565-201 and/or 565-201BK. I have the Ford 550-606N Holley HP EFI ECU & Harness Kit, and the Holley HP connector only makes it to cylinder #3 over the intake. I need a connection of 12-13 inches just to connect the distributor to the Holley HP ignition connector.

The tech support claims the polished version only has 6” of wiring, but yet claims the black distributor (565-201BK) has 30”. How can this be? In the pics, the black distributor has a wire that looks to be a ton longer. Why can nobody just open the box and look at the warehouse?

I want to buy ASAP as long as the connector can reach the HP ignition connector. Would hate to give up and use the 558-305 Ford TFI connector with OEM distributor. Thanks.