I've had the Holley Terminator installed on my '85 K10 with a 350 SBC for about 8K miles with no problem until this evening. Started truck it fired up and ran normal, then without warning the engine just died. When I cycled the key to attempt to restart the fuel pump did not cycle on, the gauges read error and under the WBO2 value, it reads unplugged. TPS will not register, it stays at 0%. Battery volts read 20V and the number does not change even while cranking. I cleaned & checked the grounds, disconnected power for 5 minutes to try to reset the unit. Then called Holley, went over the truck with them for three hours, they say they've never seen this before. We tried updating the firmware to V5 with no change at all. Also will not do a TPS Autoset, it says there's no voltage change. I'm lost, the truck has ran perfectly up until this evening and it all went at once. Sorry for the long post, if someone has any advice I'd greatly appreciate it.