I'm using Racepak IQ3 logger dash now, and I have a plan to buy a MoTec M130. Several Racepak product that use to connect Racepak with MoTec, like 230-VM-EFIMOTSR or 230-VM-EFIUCAN.

230-VM-EFIUCAN product information sais "This is use to connect Racepak with CAN interface devices. To connect with MoTec, set the data transfer protocol to (CAN dataset 3)."

But I asked to MoTec about it, they said, " CAN dataset 3 is very old protocol, It's not supported today's version firmware on M400/600/800, of course on M1. ( M130,M150 M170,,, like that )".

So, would you like to develop the interface that can communicate with MoTec M1 ? M400/600/800 with current firmware?
I need that.