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    Hi guys i recently just purchased a gps module for the iq3s because i couldnt get the proper speed reading from my diff. Anyways i have installed the module and configured it the speedo is working fine however when i try to use the setup buttons to do the gear selection once its complete and it saves the settings. Nothing happens the gear selector doesnt work its always stuck at gear position 1. Is this a common fault do i need to change a setting to let the iq3 know that im using a gps module now ? Regards James.

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    Anyone got any ideas ?

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    I'll have a look tonight for you when I get home (I saw your initial post and forgot to respond)

    Can you use the Datalink software in preference to using the buttons. This is much easier.

    One issue could be the center position displays the number of satellites locked in when the vehicle speed is below 5 MPH/KPH. This setting may have been altered by mistake.

    Another could be the RPM signal channel. Does your RPM work?

    The 'Gear' is the ratio between engine rpm and speed (either GPS or other source).
    You can do the ratio by Speed / Engine RPM = Gear Ratio for each gear. Simple way would be to go for a drive and log (or note) the required data and enter this via the software.

    The second method involves calculating the vehicle speed as determined by engine RPM, gear ratios and tire circumference and manually imputing this information.

    A third method is to Calibrates gear ratio for Gear Indicator directly with the dash... in Setup Mode 2.
    1. Insure tach input is functioning. Thevalue -0.1 will display if no tach or speed.
    2. Drive car in first gear
    3. When speed and RPM are constant Long press Button 2
    4. Dash gear indicator will advance to next gear
    5. Repeat process for remaining gears.
    Program any unused gears the same as your highest gear

    I do not use GPS speed, rather a 5 volt sensor off the gearbox. This ensures that when in areas of bad GPS, like a tunnel you have speed etc. Further I use the software to do the ratios.

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    Thanks ill try the other methods this weekend.
    And yes my rpm works fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ausz3
    Thanks ill try the other methods this weekend.
    And yes my rpm works fine
    Here is my setup.
    Gear by Eipeip, on Flickr

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