Hi guys

I just acquired a iq3 dash, now I am in trouble!

In the eBay add it stated " can be used with any of the data loggers..."

So I thought I don't need a logger so I just buy it.
I am in Germany and didn't find a European distributor, so I ordered it from the US.

Now it turns out that it has to be used with a data logger, not can. Shipping back to the US and claim back the payed customs is expensive and a big hustle.

I only need it for speed, RPM, fuel level and oil pressure.
For anything else I have round instruments.

I know I would have had to order the iq3 street dash, but I can't. How can I make the dash I have work without the logger?

Any input is greatly appreciated

My car is a 1.8t 20v gt28 swapped mk1 rabbit.

Help a guy out please