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    I have an IQ3 Dash and an MSD Power Grid destined for my friend's car. But first, I want to get it working on the table at my place. I'm wondering now if I have everything necessary. I currently have these two connected to one another via the VNET, with a cable from the IQ3 Dash, a T that goes out to the MSD, and a terminator. This should be correct wiring.

    Here's my specific question and problem. I run DataLinkII and open a car configuration IQ3_Config_Street. Then I do Edit / Read VNET Config (all channels). The software complains that many pre-established channels are missing, and then doesn't add any for the MSD. I end up with no channels showing in the main area, only a box with "IQ3 Display" in it. There were originally channels listed under there.

    It seems like the IQ3 did not receive channel info from the MSD over VNET, which is what I thought would happen.

    Also, the first few times I tried this, I answered "no" about removing the not-found channels. Then once I said "yes". Now the channels are gone and I don't know how to get them back. Nevertheless, I am NOT thinking this is actually the problem. I'm thinking that the IQ3 and MSD are *not* communicating.

    So I tried the Read Venet Config (all channels) again. Now that the original channels are gone, when I do this I no longer get the missing warnings, and then get a "success" message in the detail display, for communicating with 1 device. But I still don't suddenly see channels found on the main display. Next, I power off, remove the T to the MSD (keeping the terminator). I run again and get the exact same "success". So this is why I believe the IQ3 is not communicating, perhaps not even trying to communicate, with the MSD.

    What am I doing or understanding incorrectly?

    My hope is to get the IQ3 to display the 0 rpm at the moment (remember, it's on a table, not a car) as well as, say, battery voltage coming from the MSD. (To be certain, I can supply slightly different voltages to the IQ3 and the MSD, to make sure what I'm seeing is coming from the MSD and not the IQ3.)

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Any advice, please?

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    To quote a recent post by Todd
    Quote Originally Posted by todd@racepak
    ...while we here at Racepak monitor this forum, this has always been designated as a user-supported forum so other members of the community can share their experiences to address common situations. If you require direct assistance from Racepak, please contact us directly at 888-429-4709 or 949-709-5555 or use the LiveChat service on our website.
    However, I will try and help...
    1. Programming cable installed? I assume that since you could read previously then this works[/*:m:5fu0tv91]
    2. Is the programming cable into a serial port or are you using a serial to USB? Sometimes the USB does not like to be moved around to other ports.[/*:m:5fu0tv91]
    3. When you do a comm port scan (Datalink - Settings menu - Scan COM ports) what does it say? Did it find the comms port? Are the correct drivers installed?
      A. Connect the cable between the IQ3 and PC
      B. Turn on the power to the IQ3 Dash and wait 5 seconds
      C. Locate the Device Manager within Windows
      D. Locate Ports (COM & LPT) in the list
      E. Select the + or ?to expose dropdown list
      F. Ensure the Racepak USB Device is listed and a COM number is listed
      i. If no listing is found, check power on dash and ensure the DataLink software was properly installed as the USB driver is installed during the software installation.
      ii. If listing is shown, note the COM number and exit the device manager
      G. Open DataLink software, go to Settings->Preferences within the Menu Bar
      H. Select matching COM port number from the Logger COM Port setting[/*:m:5fu0tv91]
    4. unistall and reinstall the Datalink II software [/*:m:5fu0tv91]

    I'm no expert on this 'stuff'.

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    Default Re: IQ3 Dash getting started

    Thanks, magpie!


    It sounds like we have a couple of situations that may be causing you some issues with this.

    First, connect to the MSD Power Grid and confirm that the Grid is actually communicating with the V-Net connection. MSD has recently turned off the V-Net channels by default at the factory for reasons we have yet to determine. Connect to the PowerGrid and open the MSD software. Click on the tab at the top of the screen that says 'Data Acquisition'. A new set of tabs will appear, including one that says 'Racepak'. Enable the channels you wish to appear on the IQ3. Once this is done, close the MSD software.

    Next, let's use a different configuration file. It sounds like you have an IQ3 Display dash instead of the IQ3 Street Dash. Click on File and Open Car Configuration. From the column on the left, select 'IQ3'. From the column on the right, select 'IQ3_NonLogger_Config'. Make sure the ignition is turned on and then click 'Read'. The screen should say 'Devices Read Successfully'. Click 'OK' and the new MSD channels should appear.

    If you continue to have issues, please contact our tech team at 888-429-4709 or 949-709-5555.
    Todd Paton
    949-709-5555 ext. 1652

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    Default Re: IQ3 Dash getting started

    Maybe this will help! Sorry I'm more into the technicalities of time attack/sprint racing than drag, but will try and help if I can.

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