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Thread: using temp input for fuel pressure

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    Default using temp input for fuel pressure

    can i use the temp input wire on an iq3s change the input to use it to measure fuel pressure???

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    What version of the IQ3 dash are you running? Does it use a vnet cable to the ECU?

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    iq3s with can connections-i have it hooked to an ms3 pro megasquirt-also can i run analog inputs and can inputs into the dash?

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    I'll try and help, however I have a Haltech PS1000 and have the fuel pressure sensor going to the ECU then over the CAN to the dash.
    Apologies, I just noticed that you were using an IQ3S (Street dash).

    Using the temperature for fuel pressure MAY be possible using the Datalink II software and defining the input/output. I have been trying to do a similar thing with using a fuel temp input for brake pressures. The added complexity is that I have to tell the ECU one thing and the Datalink II software another thing... The PS1000 will not accept a value for 2,000 in a temp sensor

    The final solution was to use 0.5v = 0 and 4.5v = 20 in the ECU for the temp sensor, the Racepak software then translates 0 to 0 and 20 to 20,000. The result is a bit blocky but it works.

    This is a link to the Haltech forum where I asked a similar question and posted my solution above

    Depending on your sensor you maybe able to get away with using the pressure sensor range instead of having to 'trick' the software.

    Can you use an input on the MS3 Pro and hook the fuel pressure sensor up to the ECU? Not sure if you use the sensor as part of your tune.

    I use the fuel pressure sensor as part of the Engine Protection capabilities of the ECU.

    If this does not work you could get a USM and hook up to 4 x 5v sensors up to this and use the VNET to send the data to the dash. More than likely this would be the best solution and something I should do.

    Out of interest whereabouts about are you located?

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