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Thread: IQ3s OBD2 support for factory WB02 PIDs

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    Default IQ3s OBD2 support for factory WB02 PIDs

    I purchased and installed my new IQ3s into a vehicle with a 2014 Ford coyote engine and factory ECU. For those who do not know, these ecus/engines have two factory sidebands, Bank 1 and Bank 2. This means that the measured AFR for each bank can be displayed on monitor devices, like the IQ3s.. well I hoped. According to my list of PIDs, measured AFR is not one of them?! I do not understand why these pids would not be coming through to the IQ3s. Other manufactures are able to monitor and display these PIDs with not problem (Aeroforce gauge, AEM obd2 gauge, heck even my Kenwood radio with OBD2 hookup can display the measured AFR!) Why can't the IQ3s?

    Please tech team, the 11+ Ford guys need this PID to be available to them. Is there some updated coding that can be done in order to "unlock" this PID for those vehicles who have factory WB02s?

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    To quote a recent post by Todd

    Quote Originally Posted by todd@racepak
    ...while we here at Racepak monitor this forum, this has always been designated as a user-supported forum so other members of the community can share their experiences to address common situations. If you require direct assistance from Racepak, please contact us directly at 888-429-4709 or 949-709-5555 or use the LiveChat service on our website.

    However there maybe a member on this forum that has a solution, but it may also help to get in contact with Racepak directly. I have found that Todd responds promptly despite my location (Australia).

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    Default Re: IQ3s OBD2 support for factory WB02 PIDs

    Thanks for the reply.

    I actually did talk to the tech line prior to making this post, however, I felt like I got the cold shoulder on a solution or answer. I figured making a public post to address this would hopefully get a resolution (as I am not the first person that has asked this question in the Ford community).

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    Default Re: IQ3s OBD2 support for factory WB02 PIDs

    Apologies did not realize that you had already contacted them directly.

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