Good to see you are still about Tim, to be honest the first thing you think when a company is in "Interesting times" and someone seems to disappear is that they got the axe, and no one wants to see that.

I will say that despite moving on to other gear, I am happy to see your post as I need to get my IQ3s dropped display segments rectified before I can either sell it to someone I don't know, or sell it to my brother in law to put in his car and the previous lack of responses had left me quite hesitant about sending it off as I was not comfortable that I would see it back again. I was investigating elastomeric screen connectors to try to get a new and potentially better set and if I had found a supplier in Australia I would have attacked the job myself. I had first inspected the dash and confirmed that it was not suffering from the abuse problem Haltech in Australia said is the usual culprit. That being the mounting nuts having been over tightened and damaging the housing around them and distorting it.