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Thread: Racepak - quo vadis?

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    Good to see you are still about Tim, to be honest the first thing you think when a company is in "Interesting times" and someone seems to disappear is that they got the axe, and no one wants to see that.

    I will say that despite moving on to other gear, I am happy to see your post as I need to get my IQ3s dropped display segments rectified before I can either sell it to someone I don't know, or sell it to my brother in law to put in his car and the previous lack of responses had left me quite hesitant about sending it off as I was not comfortable that I would see it back again. I was investigating elastomeric screen connectors to try to get a new and potentially better set and if I had found a supplier in Australia I would have attacked the job myself. I had first inspected the dash and confirmed that it was not suffering from the abuse problem Haltech in Australia said is the usual culprit. That being the mounting nuts having been over tightened and damaging the housing around them and distorting it.

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    Thanks Tim for the post. Happy to wait for the new software I can work around by using excel.

    Looking forward to the update. Would be nice before October as I have lodged an entry for world time attack in Sydney.

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    good to see you are still about tim

    what happened to the software that was being worked on in 2013/4?
    fuel level reading is as poor as ever but has been much complained about on here and still no change

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    nigel b would have to disagree with the fuel level, it is more about what sensor feeds the dash and how the user calibrates it. For my install the fuel level (ohm converted to voltage is fed into the ECU. The ECU has the profile of voltage/litres and feeds this via the CAN to the dash.

    nigel b agree with your software comment.

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    The issue is more how they read. A resistive float and lever sensor tends to produce a quite noisy signal in the move and as the software stands (at least in the logger dashes) you can not filter it heavily enough to produce a useful display. You tended to end up with a display where the ones were a blur, the tens jumped up and down and a figure to the right of the decimal point was out of the question.

    I tried for a while and went back to a normal gauge.

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    No issues for how I have set it up. The display is 'normal' when I get home I will post some screen shots of level when on the track.

    It could be a result of the filtering performed by the ICM fuel sender that gives the ECU a 'clean' signal.

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    That would be it though I don't know how your unfiltered signal compares to mine. I tried out one on my car (Not the Iron Canyon) but they could not get it to work right with my sender and I gave up on it and refitted my old Autometer gauge. The reaction time of those means they ignore the float flapping about.

    With my new setup I can filter the input with a 30 second averaging function so I will see how that performs. In effect it should read a little low on track when full and possibly a little high near empty, as it is averaging the signal, but when the tank is full, any deviations from flapping have to be down, and when near empty, mostly up which would skew a simple averaging function a little. It should only have an effect when the level is near enough the end of the sensors range that the deviations go to one end of the scale or the other.

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    After a bit of investigation it looks like Innovate's Logworks can import a DIF type file, now to save a 'dump' from Datalink II as a DIF and see if it can be imported into Logworks. I'm away from home for a few weeks so will report back. Maybe the same can be done for AIM software.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tim@racepak
    I was notified of this thread by our Sales Manager, and wanted to jump back on here and bring everyone up to date, as the above postings are are good, legit questions that I felt needed to be answered.
    Thanks for this post Tim. It is a good (re?)start.

    However, while we understand the lead times for new stuff, it has been a long time and (speaking for myself, and probably Blue) patience is/has worn thin. I note both your offer of your phone number, and the lack of specifics in your post - one helpful, the other not so much. I think we all also understand competitive environments and the need not to telegraph punches, but still ...

    I console myself that it appears you have read my opening post, and at least understand my priorities for the future development tasks.

    Beyond saying that in your post there are grounds for optimism, I can only reiterate that right now nothing has happened that would cause me to put money Racepak's way if the need for such spending arises. When/if that changes I will be a much happier user.

    Thanks again for posting.
    IQ3 logger, Haltech PS1000, USM - for now!

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    thanks for the link but as others have said it is how the hardware filters the signal
    the standard levels you get through datalink arent good enough for fuel level
    racepak have the ability to do it as the fuel level they have in the udx street dashes work great,part of me wishes i never got rid of it but it doesnt support many channels for vnet

    as others have said there doesnt look like there is alot going on with racepak
    my next system im thinking of using the ecu to do what the racepak equipment does
    if you looked at the downloads and saw when some things have been last updated,then you browse the forum to see what support you get you would have to think twice,
    but the phone support is very good

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