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Thread: Racepak - quo vadis?

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    Default Racepak - quo vadis?

    Not sure where to post this, but as an IQ3 user this might be as good as any ...

    Racepak staff have, over the last couple of years, made a number of promises about new products and new software. In September 2014 Todd@racepak posted this:

    I agree that a revamp of our software is very important. That is one of our main goals in the coming months, and we hope to be able to reveal some details about it shortly. As far as some of the other technology goes, we have had good success with our Bluetooth Pro III and V500SD loggers. Many teams like the ability to modify their configuration and view real time data without using a cable.

    That's all for now. Lots more good stuff is coming, but I'm not letting the cat out of the bag quite yet! As promised, I will share information as it comes available to me.

    No sign of new products, no sign of new/updated software to date. To clarify, I don't count a rebadging of an IQ dash for a quad bike a new product.

    Meanwhile all sorts of feature sets are appearing elsewhere, in Motec, Aim and probably lots of places I haven't looked. Colour displays, USB, BT and wireless connectivity, some not so essential, some really useful. Racepak? Nothing.

    I know one unhappy user who has today jumped ship and moved to another brand. If I have a problem, I am not investing any more time or money in Racepak, because I can't see any future in the brand. The world has moved on, and Racepak has not so if I need to spend money on data/dash it will be spent on a new system from elsewhere. I don't want to do that, I would rather spend on something else, so I just hope that nothing goes wrong with my cr@ppy micro card slot, or my display segments or any of the other problem areas before my time is up with this car, and I unload it and its Racepak gear on some unsuspecting buyer.

    Maybe I am about to be proved wrong, and tomorrow we will see an IQ4 released with colour, BT etc, simultaneously with DatalinkIII which will offer easier programming, improved data displays and host of smarts to make data analysis and display easier, faster and clearer. Please.
    IQ3 logger, Haltech PS1000, USM - for now!

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    Default Re: Racepak - quo vadis?

    Personally I would like to see the software revamped so that it can perform more functions like the Innovate Logworks or AIM's software.

    The ability to create your own scatter plots etc would go a long way to make data analysis more in depth.

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    Default Re: Racepak - quo vadis?

    Following on from a discussion on anther forum about oil pressure and G forceunder hard braking I thought I would have a look at my recent data.

    First off a complaint about the Racepak software (Datalink II) it is nowhere near as good as Innovate's Logworks. When it exports the export is based on the format being displayed, NOT the raw data. For example, if G's are displayed to 1 decimal place that is how it will be exported not 3 decimal places.... Therefore it is REALLY painful to have to export then make the graphs in Excel.

    Would be great if the software would allow the production of graphs (scatter plots) as well as data analysis like histograms.

    But, here is oil pressure and lateral G's. Oil pressure does not drop below 30 PSI irrespective of G's. However as the Sprint layout is mainly right handers this is where the majority of the data points are.

    QR_Press by Eipeip, on Flickr

    When oil temp and pressure are graphed by session it shows that oil pressure is trending down session after session (heat soak). This also corresponds with the oil pressure dropping to its lowest. Based on this data I would say that the low pressure is a result of heat soak and not G's (at least at my G levels). Notice oil temp never get up to even 95°C! The PWR radiator is very effective

    QR_Oil_Temp by Eipeip, on Flickr

    Off topic, but...
    Again a tyre plot shows that I'm not trail braking very much rather either braking or turning not both. Session 1 I was but stopped doing it. Need to look some more.
    QR_Tyre by Eipeip, on Flickr

    This is EGT's/RPM. At the most there is about 40°C between EGT's so happy with this as well.

    QR_EGT by Eipeip, on Flickr

    Vbox video and IQ3 data

    Seriously Racepak needs to update its software. I'm starting to regret investing in the IQ3!

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    Default Re: Racepak - quo vadis?

    I've posted some runlog source code to be able to do x-y plots within DataLinkII. See my post from today in this thread:


    You can pick which variables are plotted on the x and y axes.

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    Default Re: Racepak - quo vadis?

    Unfortunately my version of Datalink does not allow access to the definition log

    This is the software that came with the IQ3 it is annoying as some of the standard pages don't work because field codes are different. For example RPM.

    how do you get the version that allows the mods your talking about?

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    Default Re: Racepak - quo vadis?

    Quote Originally Posted by magpie
    how do you get the version that allows the mods your talking about?
    You'll have to ask Racepak for the codes. I'd recommend e-mailing Tim or perhaps Cam can help you.

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    Default Re: Racepak - quo vadis?


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    Default Re: Racepak - quo vadis?

    Is Tim still at Racepak? He has not logged into this forum since 2013. Not that it matters much to me given I am the one who GeeEmm mentioned as jumping ship, but my old IQ3 may go into my brother in laws car and the functionality may be useful to him though if it requires tweaking I will likely have to do it for him. Silly to have to ask for the access to do it.

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    Default Re: Racepak - quo vadis?

    Quote Originally Posted by Blue
    Is Tim still at Racepak? He has not logged into this forum since 2013. Not that it matters much to me given I am the one who GeeEmm mentioned as jumping ship, but my old IQ3 may go into my brother in laws car and the functionality may be useful to him though if it requires tweaking I will likely have to do it for him. Silly to have to ask for the access to do it.
    Tim is in one of the pics on their Facebook page from March of this year so I believe so. I know I talked to him in December of 2014 at PRI.

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    Default Re: Racepak - quo vadis?

    I was notified of this thread by our Sales Manager, and wanted to jump back on here and bring everyone up to date, as the above postings are are good, legit questions that I felt needed to be answered. My move to president of the company (about five years ago) has taken me away from the hands on support (forum posts, onsite, etc) and to running the business on a day to day basis. Now, on to the subject of day to day business and the relationship to our current and future product upgrades.

    I am not sure if everyone is familiar with the history of our ownership, as that will better explain where we are, at this time. Racepak was purchased approximately 10 years ago by an investment group which at that time, also owned MSD among other companies, thus our close relationship with MSD. During the subsequent 10 years, we have moved through four different ownership groups, and the associated business model changes which go with each group. Those types of changes impact our internal business model plans and as such, we had to rearrange potential new product development, based on ownership.

    Last year, we were purchased by the Holly family of performance products, which has proven to be a great relationship, in that they value new product development. For Racepak, that means we can get back to what we do best, developing new software and hardware, for the motor sports market. With that said, the development period for software and hardware is not a short can be anywhere from 12-24 months depending on the complexity of the product and related components.

    We have a short and long list of products we desire to bring to market, products which are not going to be a rehash of old designs, but rather products which we feel will take Racepak well into the future and provide what many customers most want...answers to problems.

    Below is my direct phone number. I have included this as I would be happy to address any questions anyone might have, regarding our company, future products or any other subject. Feel free to call me any time.



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