I recently purchased a V300SD (lite software) and have some questions that I need help with.

I purchased rear shock sensors and have a question about them. How do I see the shock velocities? Is this something that requires the updated software, or do I just not have something configured correctly? Is this where the math channels come into play? When I gain access to the shock velocities, will I be able to view these items on my stored runs, or will it be a “from here on out” thing?

Also, I am thinking of purchasing a camera to place in/on the car. What is the camera of choice and will it work with my current setup (I understand I will need to purchase a Vnet cable and add it to the configuration file). Will it sync up to the lite software, or once again, is the standard software required?

Last, what is the best method to trigger the V300SD to record? With my grid, I can setup where two conditions need to be met so it only records when the car is on the starting line. I saw where I could trigger via specific RPM, but I don’t need it recording data when the car is in the pits and we are doing maintenance and the engine is above said rpm. The button works ok, but honestly is becoming tiresome.