I have had my IQ3 and G2X redbox installed for over a year and it has worked awesome so far, it worked great at Thunderhill track day.
In prevous config I had a Vnet oil temp, oil press, water temp, USM, along with the G2X and IQ3
I recently did an engine swap and added a Megasquirt CAN interface, 2 AF1 O2 sensors and removed the Vnet water temp sensor as the Megasquirt CAN interface can read the factory water temp sensor.

My issues are that while driving the IQ3 cuts on and off. It seems like it is a vibration issue but I have checked and re-checked all the connections along with the power and ground to the G2X box and IQ3 and they are all solid like before I made any changes.

Also half the time the IQ3 is not able to read the water temp from the Megasquirt CAN interface as it only shows "0". This is when the engine is running or not. The other CAN interface values such as EFI voltage are usually present.

Anyone have any input?