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Thread: Dash works--Real Time--works--but scary download

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    Default Dash works--Real Time--works--but scary download

    I am able to see all my sensors on my dash page and also on my real time telemetry with my laptop. But the graph lines on the download is a spaghetti mess. I have checked all of my sensors in the VNet. The Ground for the power module is good and the switch is good.

    Thank you for any help.

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    Default Re: Dash works--Real Time--works--but scary download

    Sounds like you are viewing "decayed data". The logger is not receiving the signal to record and take new information, and the old stored information has begun to decay over time. Connect to the unit and confirm the method by which it begins recording (Button, Engine RPM, etc.) and make sure it is receiving the input to begin a new recording.

    Todd Paton
    949-709-5555 ext. 1652

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    Again- thank you Todd.

    How do I test or confirm that the V300 is receiving the 500 rpm signal to start recording ?
    I have used the starter cart and still had a scrambled graph.

    The download I tried yesterday was just after rotating it at 1300-1500 rpm

    Thank you. Have a great day

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    Try changing the start recording parameter to Battery Volts, set the start parameter to 1. This will trigger a recording as soon as the recorder receives power. Keep it on for 20-30 seconds. To verify that it is recording, there is a small red LED, it should be blinking while recording.

    My best suggestion would be to reach out to our tech line (if you have internet on your laptop with the vehicle we can remotely access it and see what's going on) at (949) 709-5555.

    Anthony Truong
    (949) 709-5555 Ext. 1371

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    Default Re: Dash works--Real Time--works--but scary download

    Thank You very much.

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