A while ago I installed an IQ3 display dash into my MX5/Miata.

To simply the idiot lights I have decided to keep the dash and gut it as I can then keep it plug and play.

Donor dash (887g)
DSCN2101 on Flickr

Donor dash with internals removed (422g)
DSCN2099 on Flickr

Donor dash all plastic removed from the inside
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Plastic removed (337g)
DSCN2103 on Flickr

IQ3 on donor dash (786g)
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This was the first test fitting to decide how far to recess the IQ3. Since I'm sticking with the donor dash I need to be able to run the cables to the dash so it may not be able to go back much further.
DSCN2108 on Flickr

However I ended up purchasing the IQ3 Plastic Mount panel , simpler than making my own plate.

Mounting the IQ3 on to a stock NA6 dash

Holes drilled for the stock dash
IMG_0842[1], on Flickr

Hole cut out on the stock dash to allow cables for dash
IMG_0843[1], on Flickr

Point of no return...
IMG_0844[1], on Flickr

After cutting and filing
IMG_0845[1], on Flickr

Dash and idiot lights mounted
IMG_0846[1], on Flickr

Back of the dash
IMG_0848[1], on Flickr

These are what I used for the idiot lights
DSCN2109 on Flickr

To get the idiot lights wired in I went to Jay Car...
IMG_0853[1] on Flickr

Crimped the idiot light wires on to the Jay Car pins, inserted pins into bulb holder
IMG_0852[1] on Flickr

A bit of plastic cable tie fitted in nicely, this makes sure the wires don't touch as well as makes them snug!
IMG_0858[1] on Flickr

Heat shrink to hold it all in place
IMG_0859[1] on Flickr

Finished ready to plug in.
IMG_0857[1] on Flickr

For the larger bulb holders I used the next size pins, the rest was the same.

For the speed I used a Terratrip sensor to generate a pulse signal that goes into the PS1000 for speed, it simply sandwiches between the gearbox sensor and its wiring connector.

For fuel I used the Iron Canyon Motorsport black box that converts the ohm signal from the fuel sender to a 5 volt signal. This signal then goes the Haltech and magically appears on the IQ3 ... Iron Canyon Motorsports (http://www.ironcanyonmotorsports.com/icm-fuel-sender/) were very helpful and responsive as the online quote for freight was over $200. A quick email to them and the freight is only $40!

Finally put the buttons to use on the steering wheel. A 3 pin plug is used in case the steering wheel needs to be taken off.
DSCN2363 by Eipeip, on Flickr

DSCN2361 by Eipeip, on Flickr

The IQ3 installed, wired in and partially configured. The odometer will not go up to 200,000 so I left the 2 off.
DSCN2364 by Eipeip, on Flickr

And it is confirmed the Innovate stuff is reading safety first (water 44 haltech Innovate 52, oil press 51 haltech innovate 44)
DSCN2364 by Eipeip, on Flickr

Speed, Tip Meter, Odometer all working! The speed is only 1 kmh diff with the GPS speed, so looking good.
DSCN2369 by Eipeip, on Flickr

The final product
DSCN2371 by Eipeip, on Flickr

This is a log of the fuel sender (black is speed and green is fuel level):
Home to Burpengary about 80 kms.
Fuel_01 by Eipeip, on Flickr

Burpengary to home
Fuel_02 by Eipeip, on Flickr

As stated I have now swapped the display dash over to a logging dash and removed all the Innovate data logging stuff as it was turning into a wiring nightmare as well as having to run duplicate sensors. The logging dash is not using GPS speed rather the speed comes from the PS1000, the car is road registered and GPS does not work in tunnels etc. The logging dash is a little more complicated to set up plus I'm now having to learn a new software package. One thing I did like about Innovate was its Logworks software, however it appears that the Racelogic software should be OK. The biggest plus is having GPS recorded this is what the Innovate lacked.

I still need to purchase a few Racelogic USM's to bring over the suspension sensors and the tyre temp sensors, but this is not a priority.

This is the MX5 that it is installed into. The car is naturally aspirated making 182 RWHP out of 1.9 ltrs
Cootha Classic by Eipeip, on Flickr

This is the car at a recent track day running Yokahama AD08's