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Thread: V300 can't be fixed.

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    Default V300 can't be fixed.

    Hi we have a v300 it records the first run of the day ok then every run when we dowload is the same data where could we be going wrong. We start by pressing the record button after the burnout.
    My V300 has been back to Racepak two times and still will not work. Bought a new button and main cable without any success.


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    Only thing I can think of is you have a button issue or the way you are pressing it. You need to press and hold it for a few seconds before it will start. If you just tap it, it can not initialize.

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    Cam, Thanks for taking the time to answer my post.
    The way I press the button is not the problem. The button is not the problem. I have had this problem since July 2014. Since this problem started I have spent hours on the phone with your techs Eric, Jim, and Victor. I put the car on jack stands and set the recorder to start based on drive shaft rpms and the same result. I did this while on the phone with your tech. Your tech suggested I return the unit. Again they found no problem with the unit. It was suggested I buy a new harness #280-ca-harndcb and a new button #280-sw-button. I installed the new harness and button my cost over $300. Same problem. Back pon the phone with your tech we triggered the unit by jumping the pins on the v300. Same deal it works once then the next try I get the first reading. Again I was told to return the unit. It was tested and sent back to me with no problem found.
    I tried disconnecting the battery to make sure there was no voltage keeping the racepak from resetting. Again no luck.
    During the PRI show in Indy I talked to one of your sales staff (he looked like Guy on the food channel)and he was sure the unit was the problem. He suggested I contact Todd.
    I could never make the connection with Todd on the phone so I just about gave up. I was in Phoenix for the NHRA race in February and stopped by the racepak display. There I ran into Todd. He was busy but took some time to listen to me. He was familiar with the problems I was having and thought it was my unit that was causing the problem. I asked him if Racepak had a V300 that I could try to once and for all to find my problem. He said he did have a unit but he had to go to a top fuel team and gave me his card and said to call him.
    I called him in May and left a message but he never returned my call.
    Its been over a year and a half since my unit worked, can you help me?

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    Hello, anybody home?

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    I am currently on my way back from the PRI show. Please call me sometime this week so we can get this resolved.

    Todd Paton
    949-709-5555 ext. 1652

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    Thanks for all the support I have received from the tech's at Racepak. my vintage (2003) V300 is working.
    The problem was with the 9 pin serial port to USB adapter. I tried two different adapters and had no luck. Finally I brought my 7 year old HP PC into the garage and connected the v300 to the serial port. Everything works fine.
    I can't take my PC to the track so I need a good adapter for my laptop. Is there an adapter that Racepak sells or recommends for use with my windows 7 laptop?

    Again thanks for your support.

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