New to the data logger world, but was amazed at what I learned from using it the first time. Now trying to overlay data on my GoPro footage using Dashware. Have stumbled on an issue I can't solve & am hoping it's something simple like a setting that I'm unaware of. I'm using a G2X Black & DataLinkII v4.4.

When I try to use the "Create Track Vision Video" function without importing a video file to create a .csv file to use with Dashware, the GPS_Data:Run_LapT column stops returning data somewhere around line 26,000 or line 27,000 in all 4 of my races from the weekend. That's around lap 10 at the 1.95 mile Blackhawk Farms Raceway in IL. Anyone have any thoughts? All 15 laps show data when I view them in DataLinkII.