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    Default Fuel pressure sensors

    I have been searching the net for some time without success for this.

    Currently I have a math channel in my config which produces my "Real" fuel pressure by subtracting the manifold pressure from the fuel pressure. This is Ok for me to look at logs later so that I can check on fuel system performance and if I start to see fuel pressure falling off, hopefully rectify it before I destroy an engine. What I would like to do is be able to display this pressure on the dash.

    Currently I can not do that as math channels are not calculated in the dash itself, but by the software on viewing it. I have the fuel pressure and manifold pressure configures one above the other on one of my dash pages, but due to what looks like a calculation limit in the dash, I can only get a display of my manifold pressure in KPA, meaning I am there trying o look at two big numbers at a glance and do the mental gymnastics to check that the difference between the two is OK.

    The only other way I can think of is a differential pressure sensor. Differential as in the pressure differential between two inputs, so a fuel pressure input and a manifold pressure reference input, so the sensor outputs a signal which is directly related to the difference between the two, the "Real" fuel pressure. I have not managed to track down such a sensor. I was wondering if any other contributor or one of the Racepak guys knows of any suitable sensor for this?

    The only differential pressure sensors I have found are only good for a couple of PSI and are unlikely to be suitable for fuel in any case.

    The only other way I can think of would be a two sensor circuit, inputting the outputs to a diff amp circuit and using that output to create a differential signal.

    Anyone know of a suitable sensor off the shelf or comment on the diffamp idea?

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    Default Re: Fel pressure sensors

    have a read at for a complete solution
    Ford seems to have in use combined differential fuel press+temp sensors, one part mentioned is Motorcraft CM5229

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    Default Re: Fel pressure sensors

    That Motorcraft sensor is exactly the type of thing I have been looking for. As many pages as I cared to read after searching for a differential pressure sensor got me at best, sensors that are good for a couple of PSI.

    Looks like I would need to machine a housing for it to mount to but that is no problem. Having fuel temperature would also be handy, but not essential. If I ever get a smartwire that would allow automation of a blower on my fuel cooler. I do some hillclimbs in my car and with two drivers the heat soak can be significant as the car spends a lot of time stationary in line waiting for a run.

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