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    I have been fighting this problem for the last week. I bought a 3 wire centroid capacitance type fuel sender. 10 ohm empty 180 ohm full and have tried every configuration to make it work with this dash. even bought a 0 to 5 volt sender and still no luck. I need this type of sender for my fuel cell. My question is can these types of fuel senders be used with this IQ3 Display Dash being that they are self powered by 12 volts. or is there some trick to programming them. Please Help. Tim.

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    Are you using a USM module to input the fuel level sensor signal?

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    Yes. It used to work on my old tank and sending unit GM. But cant get this to do anything with this new tank. Just reads the same full or empty. Which is Zero.

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    If it worked with your old sender I would think something is up with the new one.

    Maybe the length of the new sensor is bottoming out not allowing an accurate sample? Is it the correct length? Sorry can't be much help here.

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    Thanks for the reply. I emailed support but have not heard anything. All i want to know if this dash is compatible with this type of sender. No matter what i do as far as programming the dash the gauge reads 0. Even tried emptying the tank and adding a gallon at a time, recording voltage custom calibration and still nothing.

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    Have you checked that it outputs anything (using a multimeter)?
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    Yes it does. reading with a multimeter the sender changes voltage as it is raised and lowered in the tank so i know the sensor is working, just cant get the dash to read properly. reads the same voltage empty or full at the dash. tried custom calibration, with external pullup resister imputing my own voltage instead of using calibration key. at my wits end. Ir really would be nice for someone from tech to chime in. I emailed todd@racepak for his input but nothing. Had i known that buying this dash was buy it and your on your own i would have went another direction. I guess no one from tech has the time.

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    I assume on your USM programming page you tried the "10-180 Ohm Fuel Level Sender" setting already?

    With vehicle on and everything wired up can you hit the "calibrate" button and physically move the sensor like you are doing and watch the value change live with your laptop?

    If that doesn't work then maybe try a different USM input like #2 instead of #1?

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    Thanks. Finally heard from tech support and the state that the usm is not built to work with 3 wired self powered sensors. the say that the 0 to 5 volt sensor should work but it does not. i guess i will have to buy a gauge that will work with this type of sensor.Thanks again for your input i appreciate it. Tim

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    After driving myself crazy trying to make the racepak dash work i finally had to buy an external gauge. I tried the 10 empty 180 ohm full and the 0 to 5 volt sender. Neither one would work with the dash. So if this helps anyone else just buy an external gauge from the get go. Tim

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