Hi Guys,

I am fitting a IQ3 to a customers Porsche that runs a Autronic SM4, I have fitted up the Dash using the Racepak SM4 interface cable however i am struggling to get data to the dash.

I initially thought it was because i had multiple car configurations on my laptop from other Racepak dash's, so i uninstalled the software, reinstalled it and read config and the dash shows the EFI channels from the cable.

I have ensured i have a termination cap on the other end of the Vnet circuit.

I can talk to the Autronic with my serial cable - So comms are working on that end.

I can rearrange functions and lights etc etc on the IQ3, so i can communicate with that correctly.

Has anyone got some guidance to where i am going wrong with getting data from the SM4 to the IQ3?

I have previously set up Vipec interfaces with this laptop and have not had trouble getting data up to the dash. Just this serial communication on the SM4 is giving me the shits.

Thanks in advance for any advice.