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Thread: IQ3 with LS1 via OBD2

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    Default IQ3 with LS1 via OBD2


    I will be running a LS2 motor which is using a LS1 computer ( quite common as it allows you to remove fly by wire)

    Can this dash be used with the OBD2 adaptor on the LS1 Computer, considering I have a OBD port?

    Also, does anybody have experience with what signals the LS1 computer allows the dash to read?

    Looking forward to talking with someone who has done this setup if possible?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: IQ3 with LS1 via OBD2

    As long as your computer is OBDII compliant, you should be able to use our OBDII module to stream data to your dash.

    Todd Paton
    949-709-5555 ext. 1652

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    Default Re: IQ3 with LS1 via OBD2

    Thanks Todd,
    Do you or anybody else know if a LS1 computer is OBDII compliant?

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    Default Re: IQ3 with LS1 via OBD2

    What year is the engine and computer from?

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    Default Re: IQ3 with LS1 via OBD2

    Engine is 2014 LS2, computer is a brand new LS2 computer, so I assume 2014?

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    Default Re: IQ3 with LS1 via OBD2

    Sounds like it will work as long as all the wiring is there for the OBDII port.

    As far as what channels you get - I wouldn't know but the basic "generic" should all be there at least - IAT, ECT, RPM etc.

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    Default Re: IQ3 with LS1 via OBD2

    Thanks guys, will let you know.

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    Default Re: IQ3 with LS1 via OBD2

    Did you ever make any progress with this? I'm LS swapping my truck and this gauge "cluster" will make it so much easier. Also, what all options do you have to display?

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