Hi there,

I have opened a similar thread for the IQ3 and I think it's been very helpful for most users there, so wanted to do the same for the Smartwire as if we can give simple, clear feedback to Racepak it makes their job easier and gets us what we need from our Racepak gear.

I will start in the format that makes it easy to track and if someone else has something to add, just copy and paste the previous list and add yours to the bottom.

1. Ability to use multiple configurations on an output. We recently had an issue where we wanted to have one input that could turn on headlights permanently, and then use a separate input switch to make the lights flash. With the current setup you can only have an output doing one thing..... either on, latched, flashing etc. I know we could run a separate output to the lights and have that output setup differently but that seems a bit ridiculous when I already have wires going there and a software based power controller. We have setup MOTEC PDM's that allow different configurations for a single output when it comes to things like flashing or being on permanently.