im having real problems with my ex manzo pro II it has a new style sd card adapter as i previously had a v300 im good wIth the download procedure for the cartridge type download where you put the cartridge in the usb reader and it went from there, when we made a run we just took the sd card out of the adapter and put it in the computer and it had a ddf file that datalink couldnt open I beleive someone talked to my crew during that weekend at the track as sean brown was trying to help us too and it was suggested we need a firmware update that could be done via sd card ?? to be able to get a reable file out of the racepak via the sd card,
the other thing i diddnt try was to put my sd card adapter that contains an ddf file in an old style usb cartridge reader that would i guess converted the ddf file to a rpk file during download. is this a possible quick fix ?/im desperate for help we have a major FIA race in 3 weeks and without data were non starters

thanks for your time

Graham Ellis