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Thread: Display Version IQ3...will we ever get the Odometer working?

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    Default Display Version IQ3...will we ever get the Odometer working?

    Tim? Todd? Anybody at Racepak? ????

    Will we ever get the software on the Display Version of the IQ3 updated to make the Odometer work off the speed input? It shows up on the dash as 5000, but doesn't have anywhere to adjust it, and doesn't pickup via the computer speed input.

    .......Please can we make this go? I am having to mount my factory speedo in the car just to put an Odometer in the car to make it road legal


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    Default Re: Display Version IQ3...will we ever get the Odometer work

    Hey Chris,

    Todd has replied to the feature thread here viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1830&p=7756#p7756 and has suggested that this feature is already working, so if it's not, maybe give Todd some specific feedback there so we can get it sorted....

    Are you saying you can see where the option is to change the input value but you can't select the EFI speed input channel ? or are you saying you can't find where to change the input ?

    You should be able to right click on the IQ3 channel where you set the screens on the dash up, then go to the dash info tab, then custom programming options and you can adjust there as shown....... I'm guessing that maybe you know that and it's that the display dash doesn't have the screens that my logger does ???

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    Default Re: Display Version IQ3...will we ever get the Odometer work

    Hi Fraser,
    I will try it out when I'm with the car......I'm pretty sure I've tried this, and the Display IQ3 software doesn't have the extras on the software.
    Will let you know.

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    Default Re: Display Version IQ3...will we ever get the Odometer work

    Hi Todd and Fraser,
    I have managed to get the Odometer working, cheers for the help.

    To anyone else that is having problems getting it working on the Display Dash IQ3 here is what I found:

    The Display IQ3 is different to the Logger's Software setup for the Odometer.

    Here is the Display IQ3s "Dash Info"'s missing bits compared to above

    First you will need to make sure you ECU is outputting the EFI Speed, and you will need to calibrate this with the help of a passenger with GPS speed on their mobile phone or GPS speed device, calibration is in the EFI Speed tab.
    With my car, I had "Vehicle Speed" in the "Sensor" tab, and "Raw Data Value A" both on "0" and I have "Raw Data Value B" at "1000 will become 113" but your car may be different, I found by just adjusting the "113" figure up and down adjusted the speed output to get it exactly the same as the GPS on my phone.

    Then go to the "IQ3 Display" tab, and then click the "Gear Calculation" tab, then make sure the "Speed Channel to Calculate Gear" is set to "EFI Speed"
    I then clicked on the "Slip Calculation" tab and made sure the "Speed Channel to Calculate Slip" was set to "EFI Speed" I then measured the wheel and entered it in the "Distance of a Travel per Revolution" (not sure if it needed to be filled in)
    One thing to note, when the Odometer is first switched on, it starts at 5000, there doesn't appear to be anywhere to start it at any other figure.

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