dasing again many thanks for the code to produce this plot!

It makes it easy to see differences in Combined G between laps.

The plot is AD08R tyres on 8" rims and the right AR-1 tyres on 6.5" rims. The tyres were all 205/50/15's. The 8" rims/tyres weight in at 13.4kg eack and the 6.5" rim/tyre weight in at 16.3kg each.

Whilst the AR-1's were faster they have a lot less heat cycles than the AD08R's. In fact the AD08R's were used almost exclusively on the track between Oct 2015 and Oct 2016 before being retired.

Is it possible to zoom in on the plot? Other plots have this ability, I may have to have a look at how they it is done and then play around.