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Thread: IQ3 and Track ID

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    Hi all

    I havent had the time to troll through all the posts to see if anyone has asked this before, im sure this must have been asled before.

    At the moment i run the car at three tracks.
    I have 3 micro cards, one for each track.

    I have to set the start/finish line at every track i go to each time i go there as the dash doesnt pick it up automatically.

    Is there a way that the dash can do this by itself? instead of me having to go through the process each and every time i get to the track?

    Thanks in advance


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    In the Datalink II software:

    To export the GPS Trackmap start / finish location to the data logger:
    1. Insure a GPS trackmap has been created for the selected Runfile, following all four steps found in the Create GPS Track Map Runlog page.
    2. Remember to place the start / finish of the GPS trackmap in a location that will be both familiar to the driver and in an area that lap time data will be easy to read when on the track. Typically this will be on the front straight of most tracks, as that affords the driver a bit of time to glance at the lap time and lap number.
    3. Select the Runlog Menu tab found at the bottom of the DataLink software.
    4. Locate the Write Start/Finish Position to Card button as found under the Favorite Log Page Shortcuts area.
    5. Connect the memory card to your PC via the method used when downloading data to the user’s PC (typically a USB flash card reader).
    6. Select the Write Start/Finish Position to Card button.

    I normally load the file on the night before I head to the track. However it is possible to manually set the start/stop line whilst you are driving.

    Setting the Start/Finish Location
    There are two methods you can use to set the start/finish location. The first method is to use the external programming buttons. The second method is to use the DataLink software to write the start/finish location to the microSD card. The second method is explained later in the manual. To set the set start/finish position using the external programming buttons perform the following:
    1) Press and hold Button 1 for 3 LED flashes or until the text SET START/FINISH appears on the bottom of the display.
    2) Drive the vehicle at a speed no less than 10 MPH towards the start/finish location.
    3) Press and release Button 1 (1 LED flash) at the point you wish to set the start/finish.
    4) The dash will respond YES if successful and NO if unsuccessful.

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