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    I'm trying to broadcast to IQ3 but I'm getting from CAN Network ID [0x29E], around 1 message per second, a information that changes on every start up.
    I tried to send information around ID 0x000 to 0x7ff and nothing appers at the display.

    There is any start-up message that I have to send it?

    Another question:

    if I configure channel 0x200 as Engine RPM... How I can transmit the information?
    1029rpm at ID 0x200 of CAN.

    ID: 0x200

    byte0 = 0x04;
    byte1 = 0x05;


    byte0 = 0x05;
    byte1 = 0x04;

    I'm working with 1Mb at the CAN network and I have a USB-CAN that shows the packets for me. (DEBUG)

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    It seems that CAN interface with Haltech iQ3 is encrypted.

    There is any configurable cable that I can program the Vnet channels and send information from my Generic ECU to iQ3?

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    don't expect to get detailed information regarding the v-net from racepak directly.

    For special CAN related projects where Racepak don't have a preprogrammed ECU-interface they sell a generic CAN to V-Net module which must be setup by the customer.
    The information I received one year ago was that this module will generate 16 V-Net channels which you can configure in datalink by your own. It seems to be J1939 standard and supports up to 250 kbit/s.

    Please ask racepak directly for the actual part number and specs, maybe they have something faster/different nowadays.


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    I tried to help via email, but had to admit defeat and get him to ask Racepak for advice here, even though there is a 97% chance no Racepak person will ever look at this, let alone post a response. I long stopped recommending Racepak to anyone.

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