I currently have a street/track car that was built with the UDX Street Dash display. I would like to know if I can do the following:
Remove the UDX Street Dash
Install a G2X logger/GPS
Install an IQ3 Display and drive it from the G2X
Install a G2X Display and also drive it from the G2X
The layout in my car requires that the IQ3 be mounted in the center of the dash and thus I'd like to keep the basic instruments (tach, shift lights) directly in front of me (as well as have a track timer function - all enabled by the G2X display).
This would seem to be a simple configuration but since I've been surprised by the inability of some of the RP parts to "daisy chain" themselves in useful way, I thought I would check. Also, if I have the model names wrong, please correct my but I am just trying to lay out the basic goal of this install.