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Thread: SC1000 Serial Cable Pinout

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    Wanted to ping the forum and maybe save some time before I open my SC1000 back up. Does anybody have the serial pinout (TX, RX, GND) on the DB25 connector? If not I'll post back later with my findings as this is a good location to document the dying workhorse called the SC1000.

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    Hi mate just wondering what you plan to do (I have SC1000 myself) I have been told that you can't do cable download If you have worked out how to reconfigure logger that would be interesting.

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    When I talked to Todd he never said anything about the SC1000 not being able to download over serial. Matter of fact it took two license keys to complete the SC1000 addition to Datalink. One was "USB" for doing cart download, the other was "SC1000S" for doing serial SC1000 download.

    Reading the SC1000 manual there is a line that says "The printer port allows the SC1000 to send data to a parallel printer, a RacePak Data Cartridge, or even directly to a PC's serial port. The SC1000 requires the optional PC Interface to send data to a Data Cartridge or serial port. I'm not sure what the optional "PC Interface" is? I had my SC1000 apart and pinned out the DB25. There is nothing in the way, the microcontroller goes to the MAX serial chip and then out the DB25. The interesting thing is.....there are two serial ports wired to the DB25. One for configuration and one for downloading? Makes sense because there is another line in the SC1000 manual that says "Program Mode is used at the factory to configure the software of the SC1000 to match the specific hardware that it contains. This mode is of no use in normal operation.

    Last but not least, there is a complete section on downloading run data to PC via serial. So I'm not sure why you believe the unit cannot do it. I am putting the cable together tonight and will test over the weekend.

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    So for anybody else in the future looking to make a serial cable for the SC1000, here is the pinout.
    The pin numbers and values are labeled as if you are looking at the female DB25 on the SC1000 and in respect to SC1000. I.E. Receive is the SC1000's receive, and the other end of the cable would be your PC's Transmit pin.
    Also, there are two serial pairs in the SC1000. One must be for programming and the other for download. Not sure which is which yet.

    13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01
    25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14

    Pin 23 = Ground
    Pin 22 = Serial 2 Receive
    Pin 21 = Serial 1 Receive
    Pin 20 = Serial 2 Transmit
    Pin 19 = Serial 1 Transmit

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    My understanding is that the "PC Interface" is an expansion card that is inserted into at/xt style pc. The card has db25 connector that you plug cartridge into or maybe the mentioned direct connection for serial download. Now a db25 to 9 pin cable or usb would be a real bonus if it allowed download direct to laptop. Real time telemetry would probably be even better.

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    Well, here is the final outcome. After talking to Todd again I finally got the whole scoop. It is 100% possible for the SC1000 to download data over serial to your PC. have to have a EEPROM from the factory that has serial support in it. It was available back in the day but only purchased by a few people, not common. When I asked for it Todd said they don't have that ROM image anymore. So without it, no dice. Then the second part is even if you do have that EEPROM, there has to be a configuration in the I2C EEPROM (where settings are stored) that enables it. Something that to check/configure they have to use their special hand held programmer. So you have to send your box in. makes more sense to buy a Sportsman unit.

    Shame, there is nothing wrong with any of these SC1000's. Because of lack of documentation and lack of archiving these boxes found their early graves and racers have to open their pocket book again. On purpose....maybe, I mean nobody makes money in support of old hardware right, only in selling new boxes.

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    oh well the data cartridge it is unless you can find the bin file and work out the code for the programmer

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