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Thread: IQ3 Display Dash Firmware Update

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    You can dim the dash with the momentary buttons.

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    if you start driving in the daytime and end in dusk or night the brightness is too much and you dont want to be using the set up pages while driving

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    Getting back to original posts question, I have similar question to ask regarding firmware update or reconfigure procedure. I have a Haltech version of IQ3 display only dash and wanted to know if this needs to be reconfigured as I'm using it to display info from Holley dominator ECU. I have the required CAN cables from both Racepak and Holley to enable this to work however the firmware in dash questionable as it may have Haltech only config ??????
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    use the standard iq3 dash config
    the haltech one will be the same as a standard conifg but with the channels added for the haltech ecu

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    Cheers Nigel

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    The only wrinkle in it is AFAIK if you have the Haltech version of the dash you limit the channels you can use outside the ones allocated to the Haltech ECU.

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    Yeah that's right, I have the Haltech Dash, but don't use it with a Haltech, just go into the Haltech channels and rename them to something else so you know they're disabled and then open the channels and disable them to be sure within each channel.....

    Then you can setup your ECU's channels and it'll work fine, just as the last poster mentioned, you are going to be 12 or so channels short vs what a full IQ3 would have, but to be honest for most people that won't be a big deal since you can have a reasonable amount of recording and total channels.

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