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    I have a racepak IQ3 dash in my car. Love it to death.

    I bought an OBD-II module in order to see a lot of stock PCM monitored parameters

    I was disappointed in that only 12 options were available.

    my current PIDs:

    Short term fuel trim -- bank 1
    fuel pressure
    MAF air flow rate (do not know why this is listed as my car does not have an MAF)
    O2 sensor bank 1, sensor 1
    O2 sensor bank 2, sensor 4 (I only have 1 bank on my engine.. it's an I4)
    run time since engine start
    engine coolant temp
    engine rpm
    vehicle speed
    timing advance
    calculated engine load
    intake manifold absolute pressure

    My PCM is tunable via HPTuners software, and I can view a lot more parameters while in logging mode.
    Do I need to update my firmware in order to get the OBDII module to display more parameters? I'm really curious to know my IATs and knock retard while driving/ racing


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    Our OBDII interface is only able to read what the ECU with transmit via the diagnostic port. Every ECU is different so whatever is streamed over via that port is what our interface will be able to pick up.

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    I understand that.

    however, when I am scanning with HPTuners, or when others use an aeroforce interceptor gauge, my PCM has no trouble telling all about LTFT, STFT, volts, IAT, knock degrees, etc.
    I cannot get my IQ3 to display these values.

    I feel like I'm missing something in either the firmware version I am using or some other silly issue...
    I have $1000 into my display that cannot show me system voltage. it seems rather silly something so expensive cannot do something so simple.

    IAT is something that is going to be very important to me with the new mods on the car. I tried updating the firmware on the IQ3 once and it didn't work. I'm just wondering it the newer version of IQ3 firmware will give me the parameters that I'm interested in seeing.

    why can some intercept-style OBD2 scan gauges display these parameters, yet my IQ3 cannot?

    does my PCM need to be in "scan mode" communication in order to transmit this other information?
    is there anyway I can trigger scan mdoe to give the IQ3 more information to display?

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    Good luck!

    Been asking the same questions and same rubbish response. The odbII module will only log published type data. GM for example uses private codes that HPTuners and others have worked out. Ere seems to be zero development of the module and no way for the user to update the info and help provide some extra parameters. I also stupidly assumed if hptuners could scan it then the odbii module could to. I'm lucky in that I get everything I need except oil pressure which I have a usm module and a second oil press sensor.

    I even told racepak what the pid for oil pressure is and gave em details of my system and nothing. Not even a response.

    This should serve as a warning to those looking to buy an odbii module. Parameters you expect are likely not there and there is no way to update or manually add these. Racepak seem uninterested in helping or making this module actually useful.



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