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Thread: engine start/stop button

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    Default engine start/stop button

    I found a nice momentary push button which is DPST. It has 2 isolated off - (on) momentary contacts, which obviously actuate at the same time.

    I plan on inputting each of these signals into the Smartwire.

    The first one will be used as "start". The logic will be: IF (ignition = 1) AND (rpm < 600) AND (brake = 1) AND (trans-in-park = 1), then the starter output is activated, after a short delay (1 second?)

    The second input is for "stop". The logic will be: IF (ignition = 1) AND (rpm > 800) AND (trans-in-park = 1), then it will kill ECU, injectors, ignition, etc, again after a short delay.

    Basically if the engine is not running, then the switch will activate the starter. The switch will do nothing if there is no V-net communication. As long as the user has their foot on the brake and the tranny is in park, then it will crank. If the user holds the button, the starter will stop cranking after the rpms go over 600.

    When you want to stop the engine, they just need to put the transmission in park, and push the button. Since the RPM is over 800, the ignition will be shut down. I realize I might need to waste an output to use it as an input to control the ecu, pumps, ignition, etc. If there is no V-net data, then the button should default to just kill regardless.

    Can anyone see a flaw that I have not thought about?

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    Default Re: engine start/stop button

    First off, we try not to offer any advice on the logic programming due mainly to the liability reason of not knowing how the unit is wired, what devices are connected along with their perimeters (voltage, current, load etc.).

    With that said, I can tell you that your settings appear to be fine and should work as you have noted. You might have to watch the spread on the RPM values to ensure the ignition will remain on long enough (high enough in rpm) to start and stay running.

    As always, test carefully for every scenario before committing to the programming for road testing.


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