Just in case anyone is interested and looking for similar;

The GPS antenna that comes with the IQ3 logger is the magnetic type, which is great for some cars or for all as a temporary measure but for any sedan and similar race cars that wants to put the antenna on the roof for best signal and plan on leaving it there, the hard part is how to run the cable to the antenna.

The only real way is for the cable to come out from the door or hole in a window ect and surface mount cable loose on the outside for the car. Or as i did originally, drill a hole for the cable and have to use a rubber grommet.

I wasnt happy with that. I then came across this bulkhead/panel mount GPS antenna, same SMA connector and specs all sempt to be the same.

Wired it into the dash, switching between the factory one and this new one, both in the same location, both show the same number of satellites, went for a drive (brought IQ3 dash in my road car) with the new antenna, seems ok, speeds match another GPS item i had in the car and both within 1km/h of my factory speedo, no. of satellites was around 6-7 driving on hilly high tree lined bush area and saw it go to at least 9 when it was a bit more open.

I got it from a mob here in Australia for $25 AUD http://hmbe.com.au/products/gps-antenna-bulkhead-mount

originaly saw it on Deamon Tweaks for $55 AUD then search and found it locally. http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/motorspor ... y-computer