Couldn't find this in FAQ or any searches.

99% of the time I want my view options to be "Segment X" and "Channel Mirroring" Likewise 99% of the time I want my Settings for "Scaling set" to be my defined (and saved) scaling.

But for the life of me I can't figure out how to make these settings as default when either downloading a new dataset (a .ddf file) or re-opening a previously saved .rpk file. Those setting are always lost and I have to reset them. Bummer.

I've tired defining those settings in a saved Configuration file (.rcg file), but they don't carry over into a new .ddf download. And as I said, when re-opening a .rpk file those settings are not saved with it.

Is there some other way to manage those settings as default for new files and to be retained in opening an existing file?????