Racing today on our car with a V300SD connected to a Smartwire (and an IQ3, and a boatload of sensors). We have two 20amp circuits connected to the fuel pump (a big Weldon and they recommend a 30amp circuit). Suddenly, on a setup that has worked fine, the fuel pump started to blow a fuse and cycle on and off a few times (until retry was exhausted). Then quit altogether.

Much tracing later, I discovered that one of the two 20amp circuits was just dead. Not coming on at all. And, in fact, when it was connected to the other one, it caused the second one to blow the fuse. If we just run the one that is working all is fine. Haven't run down the track (rain) but the cycling on/off of the pump is gone with just the one 20amp circuit.

To top it off, now the Smartwire isn't talking on the vnet. Period. Just gives timeout errors. No logging on live telemetry, no recording of values to the V300, no live channel data viewing, not even configuration reading. Just all times out. The rest of the vnet is fine, including the dash, which is past the Smartwire on the net. And the rest of the circuits on the Smartwire are behaving as programmed. But of course I can't redirect the "dead" 20amp circuit to another one, because the Smartwire won't talk.

Yes, I've taken apart the vnet connectors, and they all look good. I've even talked to the Smartwire directly with the USB port and it appears to be alive that way, but of course none of the channels are labelled and the programming is all missing...

This all worked perfectly days ago. But now... Anyone have any advice? Is this Smartwire sick?