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Thread: Datalink 4.2

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    Default Datalink 4.2

    A big update. Not just 3.12.1 or anything like that. But version 4

    Downloaded and installed.

    Expecting a new interface that rival AiM, Bosch or Motec. Was expecting new features. Amazing new visualisations. This was EXCITING!!!

    But... It's the same. It still looks like something from 1989. It still has less features than a high-school students summer project. How is it V4??? It's more 3.8.6b (a b update). It still uses the horrible rhblog pages that require a PHD and a special access code to tweak. Don't have them? Then you can basically do sod all with the data other than plain graphs.

    Racepak are now 24 years behind the competition with the software. Shame, as you're right up there with the hardware. Perhaps sack ALL of the dev team and delete all their source code? Start afresh. You could have something better out in a couple of weeks.

    Rant over. Disappointed. Software is SO important with data products.

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    Default Re: Datalink 4.2

    Do you know if this lastest update is to do with windows 7 and 8??
    Is there a list of things that have been updated in 4.2??

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    Default Re: Datalink 4.2

    All build info can be found at C:\Program Files (x86)\DataLinkII\Docs then DataLink Release Notes.pdf

    Build 3.8.4 10/25/2011
    1) Improved SmartWire interface.
    2) Added Help button to SmartWire dialogs.
    3) Added Read and Write shortcuts to toolbar.

    Build 3.8.5 12/12/2011
    1) Added support for SmartWire Switch Module.

    Build 3.8.6
    1) Added support for Torque Meter.
    2) Added support for RESET command parameter.
    3) Added support for AF4S.

    Build 4.0.3 08/07/2012
    1) Added ability to program the G2X Engine RPM source via DataLink.
    2) Fixed issue that could corrupt the SD card when selecting the "Force New Recording on
    Next Power Up" button on V300SD and Sportsman configuration files.
    3) Display a dialog box to allow telemetry setup after adding new channels.
    4) Added ability to start a new data telemetry session with just two mouse button clicks.
    5) Display confirmation when saving files.
    6) Added default configuration button to toolbar.
    7) Added support for GoPro Hero interface module.
    8) Added support for Texense 8 channel IR temperature sensor module.

    Build 4.1.1 09/28/2012
    1) Fixed issue that could cause the COM port to hang.
    2) Enabled SmartWire Print Report button.
    3) Added compatibility for transducer box firmware version 10 and higher to allow RPM

    Build 4.2.0 01/15/2013
    1) Improved video playback performance and added slow playback feature.
    2) Added support for PROIIIA.
    3) Added support for V500SD.
    4) Added support for Holley Dominator VNET interface module.
    5) Added ability to select the data logger file when exporting data to Track Vision.

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    Default Re: Datalink 4.2

    Which a) you can only see AFTER downloading/installing it and b) suggests that this shouldn't be called V4, but 3.8.7. Other than a pretty colour on default config files, and a tweak to the 80s icons on the left, nothing appears to have changed. Certainly not radically - which is what it needs. From the beginning, Racepak are let down by the software, and they still are. If I moan, maybe something will happen a tiny bit quicker. Surely better than keeping quiet - otherwise their programmers might think they've done an acceptable job.

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    Default Re: Datalink 4.2

    What would you like to be done? What features / functions ect, or just a cosmetic update?

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    Default Re: Datalink 4.2

    Hy for me it would be very important to have:
    - run time on open track (Hill Climb) that can be displayed after the run
    - an easyer way to add segments on open track
    - Things like Rainbow Maps
    - a lap zoom with video and datas like in the Stack software
    - a new fresh menu it´s made at 2013 not 1990

    I have a IQ3 logger dash and i drive with it since one year only Hill Climb the dash is verry good and easy to install but the software isn´t it for me, because the most features made for circle track´s.
    I think user´s who use it for longer time have a lot of more ideas.

    kind regard´s Philipp

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    Default Re: Datalink 4.2

    Get rid of runlog!

    Having to have a licence/codes to be able to resize a low quality track map that can't easily be zoomed in on is antique.
    Want to make a max/min/avg page? Nope, you can't unless you get the codes.
    Want to change the 'setup data' page that is made for Americans and their dodgy understanding of vehicle handling? Nope, you have to either live with it, or get codes.

    And not only do you need codes, but you also need a certain amount of coding ability. No it isn't very complicated (much like HTML, but bastardised) but it's beyond most people I would have thought.

    What about a database of runs, rather than having to navigate a file structure? Filter tracks/years/cars/drivers.

    How about having laptime delta graphs that work, and don't require 15-20 minutes fiddling, rebooting and apologising to your driver that the software is so out of date that he'll have to wait to see the most basic of data.

    What about a track map that can show peak speeds, or gears, or rainbow colours?

    What about a way to show the Theoretical Best Lap as a graph (so it shows the lines from each best sector, even if they don't join up) over which you can overlay a real lap to visualise where/why you are slower.

    What about having the Sector Times runlog (urg) page not being full of bugs with scrolling, or sector times not adding up to the laptime shown.

    What about a general look/feel that isn't based on Pong?

    As I keep saying, the hardware is excellent, and software is awful. I've yet to use a data acquisition system with worse software, but not many in the price sector have comparable hardware.

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    Default Re: Datalink 4.2

    As you say, the Hardware is good, but Datalink still comes from the Windows 3.1 era.

    I would say they don't like change and don't want to upset some customers
    who already know how to use the software.

    Since the Software is more Drag Racing oriented you would have to re-write
    and start a new program from scratch.


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    Default Re: Datalink 4.2

    Kind of an old thread, but I have been on the sidelines for a bit while the car is being rebuilt. Had to send my G2X back to Racepak after a few problems popped up last year (looks like the hardware is fine and Racepak flashed the latest firmware and got it all working nicely again!) so thought I'd pop by the forums to read about the latest developments..

    I'm a bit disappointed that Datalink is still at the same point it was 2 years ago.. I agree with Tristan 100%.

    It seems to me that the problem is Datalink was developed by a contractor. A long, long time ago.. That contractor probably doesn't work with or for Racepak anymore, and Datalink doesn't seem to be the easiest code base to upgrade from.

    Writing new data analysis software means pretty big bucks.. Racepak also seems to focus on drag racing quite a bit more than road racers. Datalink is more than likely just perfect for drag racing. If they're selling 10 loggers to road racers every year, it probably doesn't make sense to hire or dedicate a couple of programmers for a software re-write.

    I've used the CSV export function to go read my data elsewhere, but there is data that I can't quite export nicely, due to the 4 decimals limit (GPS coordinates for instance). I wish I could get documentation on the DDF file format itself and write a converter to suit my needs..

    With the logger fixed, I was contemplating buying a second USM to finally plug in the rest of my sensors (O2, brake pressures, in addition to the steering, throttle and oil temp/pressure that I was already using). But I find it hard to justify spending more money on the V-net system when the software will eventually make me jump ship sooner or later

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    Default Re: Datalink 4.2

    just a little update
    Build 4.2.1 05/14/2013
    1) Added support for Link/Vipec EFI CAN interface module.
    2) Added 'Yes to All' and 'No to All' option when performing a Read VNET Config.
    3) Added support for PROIII warning and shift light modules.
    4) Fixed issue that would not allow the user to change the VNET ID on Smartwire switch
    input channels.
    5) Fixed issue that could cause DataLink to display incorrect configuration values after
    clicking the 'READ Configuration' button.
    6) Added Bluetooth support for PROIII and PROIIIA.

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