A big update. Not just 3.12.1 or anything like that. But version 4

Downloaded and installed.

Expecting a new interface that rival AiM, Bosch or Motec. Was expecting new features. Amazing new visualisations. This was EXCITING!!!

But... It's the same. It still looks like something from 1989. It still has less features than a high-school students summer project. How is it V4??? It's more 3.8.6b (a b update). It still uses the horrible rhblog pages that require a PHD and a special access code to tweak. Don't have them? Then you can basically do sod all with the data other than plain graphs.

Racepak are now 24 years behind the competition with the software. Shame, as you're right up there with the hardware. Perhaps sack ALL of the dev team and delete all their source code? Start afresh. You could have something better out in a couple of weeks.

Rant over. Disappointed. Software is SO important with data products.