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Thread: Priming Type Functions with SmartWire

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    Default Priming Type Functions with SmartWire

    Maybe I'm not smart enough to figure this out, but I have two functions that I want to go through a "priming" stage. To wit:

    With both the fuel pump and the CO2 solenoid, I'd like them to come on for a few seconds when the SmartWire is powered up and then go off. OR, they should come on with some other condition (e.g. the ignition switch is on, or maybe when the motor is cranking, or...). I get how to do the "OR" part of this, that's not the problem. The problem is the "come on for a few seconds when the system starts up".

    I'm sure this is somewhere in a combination of maybe the "status" of the SmartWire itself, and in the "true delay" and "false delay" options, but I'm just not getting it.

    Any help?

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    Default Re: Priming Type Functions with SmartWire

    Answering my own question, in case someone reads this and wants an answer.

    You can take an unused output channel, make it a "Pulse Once" channel, set it for however long you need, and make its "on condition" be the "smartwire" itself. This channel is the temp of the SW unit, so make it something like "greater than 1" and it will come on instantly. I called this channel "prime time"

    Then you can use this channel as part of the "on condition" of the channel you want to prime. Just use the "status" value from the above "prime time" channel.

    Hope this helps someone else. And thanks to Eric from Racepak for helping me with it.


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    Default Re: Priming Type Functions with SmartWire

    Thanks for the info.
    I tried this a while ago with lots of logics with stuff like IGN switch = 0 and IGN switch = 1 with each having true and false times ect, on paper the logic should have worked, but in reality it didnt, something conflicted or just confused the smartwire, your way, or even the fuel pump output from a ecu as an input is much better.

    It would be nice if there was a few 'virtual outputs' that we can use for purposes such as yours so we dont have to take up an output.

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