I've been having some problem with my datalinks for a while and cannot find a solution.
The G2x is installed on my DD2 go kart running at the local track.

First is with my distance mode. After importing data and creating trackmap, when displaying my GPS_kph graph it will display the correct data, however when switched to distance x mode I sometimes (more often than not) get a flat line as if there was no data.

Next problem is with my trackmap. When I drive my kart slowly around the track, I will get an accurate track layout. However when I start my hot laps, I believe because of the high g-force, it is correcting the positioning data and interfering with the trackmap creation, the result is that my drive lines dont match up with the trackmap. Infact, sometimes the drive lines will overlap like I am going in a loop around the track (which.. is not possible).

These are not a one time problems, it happens during every single run.

Anyone have any input or suggestions for this?