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Thread: Iq3 logging issue

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    Default Iq3 logging issue

    Am at shanghai f1 track now, on my iq3 logger it can found satellites and reading GPS speed in pit, but when the car goes on track, the logger doesn't record properly. I think it lose GPS signal randomly, the the logging file normally record only a corner or 2, 3/4 lap the most. no GPS speed on dash either, it shows speed while rolling in pit lane. I have Motec dash on other cars and doesn't has this issue.

    I found couple threat on the forum about not zip tie the GPS cable together, so I route the sensor to the rear of the car and problem still. Connector on the back of the dash is good.

    Any suggestion where else I should check? Please help ASAP, race tomorrow.

    Thanks a lot guys

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    Default Re: Iq3 logging issue

    From factory the dash is set to start logging by GPS speed, starts above 25 and stops below 25.

    If you are having GPS issues, but want to keep logging, or intermittent issues and dont want it to stop the logging every time, change channel that will make the logger start and stop recording.

    When connected to datalink, and have done a READ configuarion, right click on the 'IQ3 Setup' channel to enter 'LCD Dash Configuration'.
    Click on 'Dash Info' tab at the top of the 'LCD Dash Configuration' window
    In the 'custom programming options' window click on 'Record Enable channel'
    Select another channel u wish for it to start and stop recording according to, for example engine RPM
    Then select the 'Start recording when channel exceeds value' and the 'stop recording' line and enter a value, for example start recording over 2000 (RPM) and stop under 1500 then on the next option select the number of seconds it will record for after the RPM is below 1500.

    Then click SEND configuration

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    Default Re: Iq3 logging issue

    I'v changed to using RPM now, but I want to fix the GPS problem as well, so I can see speed and lap time, my car doesn't have speed sensor so no speed signal other than GPS speed.

    I just checked one log file, I saw steady 11 satellites even when logging stopped, could there be any other part that could cause this issue?

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    Default Re: Iq3 logging issue

    I have logged last session, this is the file:

    I have a lap with gps speed, but after that the gps speed and satellite date got froze for the rest of the log, anyone can help take look and let me know what's wrong? GPS module malfunction?


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    Default Re: Iq3 logging issue

    GPS Module?
    I assume you mean the external antenna. The module is inside the dash.
    Replacing the antenna is unlikely to fix this problem, but the only way to find out (and easy in the scheme of things) is to try. There might be an intermittent fault.
    My reason for not blaming the GPS side is that it works well for over a lap.

    The satellite count is frozen too. I can't see all your channels without your config file. I assume you are using some sort of EFI interface module.
    Your voltage trace is not good. It is possible that the noise or variation in the power supplied to the IQ3 is the source of your problems.
    Can you fit a capacitor based filter to the power supply?

    I have not seen behaviour quite like yours before, but from considerable past experience, EFI modules make the data system more sensitive.

    The dash/logger module etc could have intermittent internal fault(s), but from experience they tend to work or just go crazy. Fortunatley, more often than not they work!

    Diagnosis isn't easy.
    I advise that you contact Racepak directly, but be prepared for criticism of your power supply.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Iq3 logging issue

    Yes I am using Motec interface on the dash, and I saw the voltage part too, not only for the dash but the ECU as well. I am gonna try to figure that out first and see what's going on. Thanks Mike

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    Hi Owen

    Diagnosis can be simplified by reducing the complexity of the system.

    If possible, put the dash in a road car and drive around the block a few times.

    I notice your data has G traces well out of calibration. Was the dash perhaps not mounted in the normal orientation? Track map creation is potentially aided by G data when the GPS is substandard.

    Lap analysis isn't possible without a proper map and for what it's worth, it's not possible to create a proper closed lap or even an open one with this data file.
    Nevertheless, I'm not confident the G issue is contributing to your major problem.

    To simplify the system, remove the Motec interface. Re-read the config. Go for a drive....

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    Default Re: Iq3 logging issue

    Dash is mounted properly, replacing the stock cluster and nearly straight, I will try that.

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    Default Re: Iq3 logging issue

    Didn't work out, I recently worked on another car with Haltech IQ3 logger dash and Haltech sport 1000, they have exactly same issue but at different track. Could anyone help me figure out what's wrong?

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