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    Hi! Is it possible to get a Lap Run time in the Datalink software for an open track corse? (Time left from one GPS point to another). Thanks Philipp

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    Hello Phil Yes..and no…it does not display a laptime in the manner of closed course, but using the time channel, you can look at the start time and end time of the run and come up with a laptime.

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    Hi Cam. Thanks for your quick answere. Is there a chance that there will be a lap time for open tracks in the future? (I have an IQ3 Logger Dash) That yould be verry nice!! Thanks, Philipp

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    I'd like to second that, as an IQ3 owner that does a lot of hill climbs as well as circuit, it would be a massive thing to have. I'm currently running a RaceLogic Performance Box in the car as well on hillclimbs as this cheap device can do open track 'lap times'. Thanks.

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    Thanks for your post! I hope racepak will have a look at that tread and can make it work!! But I dont realy think that they look at the forum often, because I havent got an answere from them by now!

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    Actually, we do look at the forum quite often. Unfortunately, we have nothing new to report on this. We will post an update here on the forum as soon as something becomes available. Thanks,
    Todd Paton
    949-709-5555 ext. 1652

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    Will be great to have this when you get to it. All of us road racers are waiting in anticipation Thanks!

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    That would be sooooooooo wonderful!!!!!! Hopefully soon!

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    Hi, I'm Mike Craig. I'm making my first post here. Hoping for good things
    Mike Craig
    IT Services

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