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    Hy everybody!
    Is it possible to get a lap time displayed on a open track??

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    No..since the vehicle does not pass a true "start finish" line twice, as it would in closed order to obtain lap time.



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    Is this something that RacePak would be willing to look at?

    My previous data logger did this by detecting the car launching from a standing start (speed and G's), then used the start/finish line that was programmed in as the "finish" - giving you a lap time.

    Is thing something that could be added to the firmware?
    Would be useful for hillclimb type events and I guess drags, tractor pulling etc.

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    Yea mikejoss
    this is exactly what i would need, i drive hillclimb races and it would be very important for me to have run/lap time on display and on data linkII to analyse the several run´s.

    i think that would be able to make for racepak or not??????

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    Hy Tim
    But on open course i have an Start line and a Finish line i think that is the same as to pass the start/finish line twice on open course. Or is this wrong?

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    no answer :?:
    I hope it can be fixed with the next datalink/firmware update!!!!!!!!

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    does Racepak answere anithing this forum ?????
    I habe looked for a motec dash thei solved the problem with an transimtor on lap start and one at lap end and a recivor at the car.
    Why can´t you make it work with GPS? When i could say in the Datalink software start lap time at this GPS point and ens lap time at another Gps point?
    I think that would be the easied way to solve it

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