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Thread: Smartwire and IQ3, not all channels log

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    Default Smartwire and IQ3, not all channels log


    Just a question with connecting a smartwire to a IQ3 logger.... I have it connected, done read, write ect, all working 100% exept not all outputs log, and some of my other channels are missing from the logging. (logging 42 channels)

    I have changed ALL output logger sample rate from disabled to 10.

    I have a the following Vnet modules and channels;
    EFI module = 17 channels
    2x USM's 4+4 = 8 channels
    4 EGT module = 4 channels
    So thats 29 channels (i believe the max is 32, is this correct??)

    Now i have a Smartwire, with NO switch module, so this adds another 32 channels?? (Smartwire, 30 outputs and 1 inputs)

    In the IQ3 setup - dash info it shows;

    Max number of recording vnet channels = 42
    Max number of vnet channels allowed = 128
    Number of recording vnet channels connected = 31
    Number of non-recording channels connected = 30
    Number of vnet channels connected 61

    Were it shows 'Max number of recording vnet channels' which is set to 42, this is the number of channels it has limited my logging to, can this value be changed?? Also the 'vnet channels connected' shows 61, which is correct, but shows only 31 'recording' while its logging the 42 allowed, were does this value come in?

    Edit: everything is the latest firmware, Smartwire is V17, IQ3 V19 and datalink is V3.8.6

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    Default Re: Smartwire and IQ3, not all channels log

    I have tried to change 'Max number of recording vnet channels' which is set to '42' to a higher number, it does allow me to change the value, and 'send' the config, but when i do a 'read' config it comes up with the error message saying;

    The maximum number of Vnet channels has been exceeded.
    Please remove excess channels or contact Racepak to purchase channel expansion upgrade.

    Max channels for this system: 42, Currently installed channels: 61

    Question 1. Is 42 the max channels you can LOG? or have conencted?

    Question 2. Can i purchase channel expansion? if so how much for how much?

    Question 3. If i run 32 channels as per the iq3 manual, that means i can only LOG another 10? so if i wanted to log the smartwire i can log the smart wire module, the switch inputs and only enable logging rates on 8 outputs??

    Any help appreciated,

    Thanks, Brendan
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    Default Re: Smartwire and IQ3, not all channels log

    Those are set numbers within the IQ3 (42, 32, 128) which is defines the capabilities of the data logger. You can have up to 32 external Vnet sensors connected to the IQ3. The total channels exclude the g meter data, engine rpm, and gps channels.

    In this case, you would pick/choose the desired total Vnet channels between the SmartWire, EGTs' and USM to total the max number of external Vnet sensor inputs. There is not currently an upgrade for additional channels with the IQ3 logger, but is something we can take a look at, in terms of engineering feasibility.



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    Default Re: Smartwire and IQ3, not all channels log

    Thanks for the reply Tim, but im still a little lost,

    The IQ3 manual and your post mention the max vnet channels as = 32, the IQ3 dash info page shows Max number of recording vnet channels = 42 and Max number of vnet channels allowed = 128

    From your previous post i got the impression it can log 32 'external' and reserves 10 others up to the 42 limit for other logging from the dash ect like RPM, GPS, G force, lap time, logger volts, gps ect, but infact looking at my run log it has recorded 42 'external' vnet channels PLUS RPM, GPS, G force, lap ect, 66 in total including TIME ect and oddly SOME math channels, but not others, not sure why, any channel relevant to the math channel is logged and there.

    1. Does this mean i can fully log 42 EXTERNAL vnet channels?

    2. Max number of vnet channels allowed = 128 - does this mean i can have up to 128 external vnet sensors, just not able to log them, but can talk on the vnet to the smartwire ect? Obviously i dont need that many.

    3. For the upgrade of additional channels and 'engineering feasibility' It it something that might go ahead? Would this be a huge money intensive project only feasible if rolled out in the m**** or simple programming alterations that would be feasible for one offs ect? Would it be simular to the sportsman upgrades? It is something i am interested in.

    If i can indeed log the 42, then that's the 32 i thought I could, plus the smart wire channel, switch input channel and 8 outputs, which would be ok.

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    Default Re: Smartwire and IQ3, not all channels log

    The max number of recording VNET channels was increased from 32 to 42 early last year during a firmware update.

    42 is the current limit of recording VNET channels (external).

    128 is the maximum number of total recording and non-recording VNET channels on the system.

    The internal channels internal (RPM, GPS, G force, lap time, logger volts, gps etc.) channels do not count against this allowance and therefore it would appear to have more channels in the uploaded data than the 42..

    Also, there are a few math, calculated, time channels. These also do not count against the allowance.

    To answer your questions,

    1) yes, 42 is the maximum external VNET channels that can be recorded.

    2) 128 is the maximum number of VNET channels that can talk on this one systems CAN bus.

    3) The foundation is there within the IQ3 (from its inception) to, at some point in time, allow more channels to be added. At this moment in time though, there are no plans in the engineering schedule to enable the upgrade feature on the IQ3 for more recording channels since more code must be written/tested. The time in engineering is currently being spent on other projects.



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    Default Re: Smartwire and IQ3, not all channels log

    Thanks Eric, that clears it all up!

    Also, as a suggestion for future updates, a feature I would like, and i suspect alot of others would to, is a 'output missing' feature, were for each output you can put a 'minimum current draw value' (or even a preset non configurable value like 0.5A or something low but not so low it may cause false readings), and if when the output is 'on' and the current is less then the 'minimum current draw value', then a status number (ie 16 or 32 which say for future use) can be activated. Also a tick box to enable it, ect.

    Race cars and drag cars are always pulled apart, thing un plugged and quite often by others helping you, very easy for someone to not plug something back in, for example a water pump, were if you start the car there would be NO sign of something wrong, no warning lights and car runs fine. At least if a warning light / text came on my dash, i can stop the car and have a look what output is missing, rather then wait for another warning light to come on saying the coolant temp is too high.

    Im not sure how you may be able to monitor all outputs at once, ie warning light on dash, easy to do for 'blown fuse' as its a status of the smartwire channel, is it possible to add another status to the smart wire channel for 'missing outputs' ?

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